There is a restaurant working within the range of Hotel Ilinden, with the capacity of 180 (a hundred and eighty) seats. It is suitable for many different types of celebrations and parties with music in live, for business dinners, meetings and seminars. It’s an air- conditioned restaurant freed from the city heat, but full with that long- time searched sunlight. Many small details can spoil your enjoying the food, and we pay special attention preventing them occur, and the only way to be convinced is to pay us a visit the next time you are in town. We will be waiting prepared.

Hotel Ilinden operates a meeting and seminar room with the capacity of 80 (eighty) seats, it is air- conditioned and equipped with video screen. If you are preparing seminars or consulting meetings, we are the true choice, and our location is an advantage which can’t be compensated.

We are already on the way of making happen to some of our future plans for equipping a congress hall with 60 (sixty) seats and a summer garden with a balcony for 150 (a hundred and fifty) seats with a unique view over the city and the starry sky above Strumica for which it is well known. Since it is going to be placed on the top floor of the hotel and it is going to be one of the kinds, it is meant to be a true oasis for pleasure with all commodities that a relaxed stay can offer.

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